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Princeton announces sports related adjustments due to extreme heat

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The Princeton R-V School District, noting the extreme heat and humidity in the area this week, has announced a series of sports related decisions for the rest of the week.

Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Sports Practices for Elementary, Junior High, & High School:
    • Morning practices are scheduled to take advantage of cooler temperatures.
    • Indoor facilities will be used in the afternoon and evening to avoid the heat.
    • Outdoor practices will resume after 8 pm, when it’s cooler.
  2. Spirit Night Cancellation:
    • Wednesday night’s spirit night event has been canceled to ensure student safety and accommodate practice rescheduling in preparation for the teams’ upcoming games.
  3. Stay Hydrated:
    • It’s important for everyone, including students, to stay well-hydrated during these extreme weather conditions. Parents are encouraged to remind their children to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  4. Upcoming Events:
    • Friday, August 25: Team Sports Picture Day – All Day
    • Friday, August 25: Home Football vs. South Holt (Game Time might be adjusted)
    • Saturday, August 26: Softball at the Albany tournament
    • Friday, September 1: First pep rally of the year at 2:30 PM. The pep rally was rescheduled due to Team Sports Photo Day on Friday.

In Gallatin, the extensive heat warning will cancel the community Gallatin Bulldog Pep Rally scheduled for Thursday night.