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Mizzou Athletics announces tickets for home sporting events to transition to digital system


Mizzou Athletics is excited to announce that ticketing for home football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball games will fully transition to a digital system starting this fall. The new model stresses the importance of safety, ease, and convenience as the Mobile Entry procedures will cut down on hand-to-hand contact, limit time spent entering Mizzou’s venues, and provide a more secure way for fans to hold onto their tickets on game day.

While ticket purchasers will no longer have the option to print their tickets at home, the new digital system will provide an efficient and secure delivery system of the season, mini-plan, and single-game tickets via smartphones and the Mizzou Tigers app. Fans who do not have access to a smartphone will be able to work with the Mizzou Athletics Ticket Office on an alternate delivery method for their tickets.

Athletic Director Jim Sterk says there are going to be several challenges as athletics venues across the nation begin to open following the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a department, we will continue to stress the fan experience and safety at all of our events, and digital ticketing will play a key role in both of those areas moving forward. He noted the convenience of digital ticketing is something fans have been intrigued by for a long time, and that was confirmed during the focus groups held as part of the decision-making process.

The digital ticketing system through Mizzou’s athletic ticket partner Ticketmaster will help to limit physical touching between fans and event staff members on game day. Also, with tickets now being delivered on a mobile device, digital ticketing will reduce the issues with the traditional paper tickets, such as theft, lost tickets, and shipping delays, along with the need for an early confirmation of a shipping address.

Another added benefit to the digital ticket model is the ease of transfer of digital tickets, which can be done through any mobile device, safely and securely. Additionally, customers will still be able to post their tickets for sale to, the Official Secondary Marketplace of Mizzou Athletics, right from their account if desired.

In addition, several schools within the SEC are expected to make the transition to all-digital ticketing this fall, while Power 5 schools such as Ohio State and Oklahoma have already made the announcement to move in that direction. Most professional sports franchises, including the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, have already migrated their ticketing to the digital space.