NCMC eSports splits season opening events

North Central Missouri College eSports kicked off the 2019-20 season with a scrimmage win over the University of Central Missouri on Monday.  The team won the Overwatch matchup 2-1.

The Pirates played two objective games back to back and then we ended on playing a game of payload. Tuesday, the Pirates began their Rocket League season as well.  They dropped all three games against West Virginia University Potomac State College.  Scores for the games were 3-0, 4-0, and 6-2 in defeat.

Damian Cortez and Mario Castaneda both scored goals in the last game of the matchup.  

Pirates Coach Chris Flowers commented to, “Although my players were filled with anxiousness/nerves and it showed on the virtual field, we still played really good defense.  Our goalie defense was a bit on the weak side and needs improvement for sure.  We were missing shots/hits we normally hit, etc.  WVUPSC has two players ranked D1 which is the top 1% of all players.  They were a very well put together program with really good recruits,” detailed Flowers.

Next action for NCMC will be more Rocket League on Thursday evening and Overwatch on Sunday.