The Kansas City Outlaws are a team in the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) with home matches at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri

KC Outlaws triumph in intense PBR Stampede Days event

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In what has been labeled as one of the most heated PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Camping World Team Series events of 2023, the Kansas City Outlaws emerged as the victors after a thrilling weekend of competition. The event, known as PBR Stampede Days, showcased intense battles and dramatic moments that captivated fans and elevated the Outlaws to the third spot in the league rankings.

The Kansas City Outlaws, led by Head Coach J.W. Hart, showcased their determination and belief in their abilities throughout the event. Despite language barriers, the team’s unity and belief in themselves played a crucial role in their victory. The Outlaws were boosted by new Brazilian riders added to their roster during the 2023 PBR Teams Protected and Reserve Roster Draft.

Cassio Dias emerged as a standout performer for the Outlaws, delivering exceptional performances throughout the event. Dias went 4-for-4, impressively recording three 90-point rides, including the clinching ride during Extra Outs.

During the event, the Outlaws faced tough competition from various teams:

  • Against the Texas Rattlers, the Outlaws suffered a walk-off defeat despite notable efforts from riders like Marcus Mast and Leonardo Castro Ferreira.
  • The Outlaws rebounded with a dominant victory over the reigning champions, the Nashville Stampede, propelled by a massive 90-point ride from Cassio Dias.
  • In their clash with the Carolina Cowboys, Cassio Dias once again delivered a must-ride 90-point performance, leading the Outlaws to a walk-off win.

With several teams delivering matching records, including the Nashville Stampede, the event entered Extra Outs for the first time in PBR Teams history. The six competing teams included the Kansas City Outlaws, Nashville Stampede, Texas Rattlers, Oklahoma Freedom, Austin Gamblers, and Arizona Ridge Riders.

The Kansas City Outlaws secured their victory during Extra Outs when Cassio Dias delivered an impressive 91.25-point ride, solidifying their triumph. Brady Fielder’s efforts for the Texas Rattlers fell short, securing the event win for the Outlaws.

The victory marked the second win for the Kansas City Outlaws in the 2023 PBR Camping World Team Series events. Their exceptional teamwork, strong performances, and unrelenting determination contributed to their success. The Outlaws’ triumph in PBR Stampede Days propelled them to the third spot in the league rankings.

Fans can catch replays of the PBR Camping World Team Series action from Nashville on PBR RidePass on Pluto TV. The next PBR Camping World Team Series event will take place at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas, offering more exhilarating bull riding action for fans to enjoy.